The Reason We Have for Every Season


A Healing Place for Hurting Hearts

This Dorm and Bathroom building is now complete and being equipped this week with fans and lighting. Beds  for up to 40 children are now in place! 1/01/2022. More mattresses and support boards have been delivered this week!. This building will house up to 60 orphans eventually! Glory to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

"Sonlight Chapel India Orphans Project". Pastor Satish and the Orphans are So Excited and Thankful for Everyone's prayers and Donations! Please keep helping us with this work of the Lord with your prayers and Donations to see this work and more help for Orphans finished!  

Please keep these people in prayer as the Gospel of Jesus Christ goes forth and God's work continues in the name of JESUS! The sun never sets without a prayer thanking the Lord for what He has done before these children are fed by the donations of people such as yourselves.                                                                              

 Can you Help make friends in Christ as many are converted to Christianity?      

 The vision of Sonlight Missions is to help Foreign Countries by equipping People to build orphanages so that God's people will understand true charity and will not perish for lack of knowledge. Please pray with us as we gather to facilitate this ministry to glorify our Father in heaven.    

If you would like to help support any of these projects, please contact us. Make checks payable to "Sonlight Chapel". God Bless you for your part in blessing these missions! PO BOX 1330, CenterPoint, TX 78010